Jill is StevMark's Rosie the Riveter --she's got Rosie's cooperative spirit and strength, and she thrives in the positive teamwork environment StevMark cultivates among staff to give you top customer service.  

Being newer to paint and cabinetry sales, she's still learning the ins-and-outs of all the product lines StevMark offers.  

What she's not fully familiar with, another knowledgeable professional is on hand, ready to lend guidance to get you the product that best fits your needs.  But don't mistake her as a new kid on the block.  

Jill's a degreed interior designer from Southeast Missouri State University and has actively worked in the design field for nearly 20 years.  She can help you in-store with color coordination, finish palette development, simple space planning, and window treatment design.  Jill's been known to go head-to-head with StevMark's color matching spectrometer and come out on top with the matching color!
If your home projects need a bit more muscle, schedule a fee-based, in-home design consultation with Jill.  Not sure which window treatment, wallcovering or fabrics to choose?  No worries, Jill will bring ALL the samples to you to see which works best in your space!  But, don't forget to buy your tickets before she comes -- you know, to the gun show.  Especially in the summer, Jill is especially fond of the sleeveless blouses.  Sun's out, guns out.