He's imaginative.  He's precise.  He's intense.  And he's a Renaissance man with your art and keepsakes.  (But not to worry, he uses quality framing tools and materials; not D-cell batteries, soda tabs or gum wrappers.  And he has yet to have a piece of framed art explode because he missed a deadline.) 
Be it a limited edition music festival poster, a silk hankerchief your grandfather gave your grandmother during WWII, or family photos you finally made time for  in which everyone is clean, dressed and looking in the same direction, our design staff can help you select the perfect frame and mat to make these momentos matter for a lifetime.  

And Thomas handles every unique solution given to him -- shadow boxes, multiple matting, glass and frame repair and most rush requests -- with the steady hand of a professional.  Having apprenticed under Steve Mueller's skillful guidance, Thomas has maintained the caliber of framing you have come to expect from StevMark and has made the framing department his own.
Come see us for your framing and framed art needs.  Let Thomas amaze you with his framing skills! (And if you are lucky, his sword handling skills, purely recreational and not framing related)